I'll help you set up a truly righteous cornhole tournament

The Kernel's Cornhole Boards

When you are hosting a fund-raising, attention-getting or just-for-fun cornhole tournament or event you shouldn’t try to get by using a hodgepodge of cheaply-made inferior boards and bags. The Kernel has top-quality cornhole equipment you can rent for any event from a fun-filled backyard barbecue with a few friends to a money-making tournament for 100 people. The Kernel is a Certified Cornhole Tournament Director and he’ll give you tips and advice that will help make your event a rousing success. He’ll even show you how to reduce your rental costs or eliminate them altogether. Visit the CCO website at canadiancornholeorganization.com to learn more about playing cornhole and, when you’re ready to start planning an event, contact the Kernel.